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20-06-2012, 11:03 AM
Its only Wednesday but it feels like a really strange week already. Had my day off yesterday which was not really a day off - trip to son's speech therapy session in the morning followed by him going to pre-school where they were having THEIR ofsted. Having had mine last week I was really trying to praise them up as a parent and not let on I was a childminder so I knew what they might be looking for! My sons school and the childrens centre also got OFsteded and they are all on the same sight but completely unconnected and I was Ofsteded last week so it must have been a postcode bonanza or something!
Then I had root canal treatment (YUCK)
Then I was working yesterday afternoon as one of my parents needed an extra shift and then tomorrow I've got 1 child off and then on Friday I've got another child off. I've also been asked to babysit for some holiday makers tonight so I must try really hard to remember to go AND figure out where I am going!!
Day off today as I had my last exam this morning. I feel a bit all over the place!
Had a lovely day Monday - 2 lovely little boys and went to a childminder meeting and they got to hold the Olympic torch and have photos taken. I also had a parent book her little girl in for a day a week. I used to work with her years ago and then I worked for her partner which is the job I left to do childminding full time so its strange I will be working for him in this scenario!

How about everyone else? what are you all up to?

20-06-2012, 12:35 PM
Wow you're busy! As you said its only Wednesday and you've done more than I do in a whole month lol! :D

20-06-2012, 01:14 PM
It's been a very strange week here so far too but mostly due to my own DS who has suddenly decided that he doesn't like having children around in his house and has been having an hours long screaming fit this morning. :panic:
Ready to pack it all in afetr that!!:(

20-06-2012, 01:14 PM
Ouch don't envy you the root canal treatment!

I am also having a weirdish week, hubby left yesterday for 3 months working at the Olympics so am effectively a single parent. Rushed to sons school for Duke of Ed presentation last night and came away £185 worse off. Trip to daughters new secondary school tonight, scouts tomorrow evening, half day Friday for trip to X-ray to see if stupid busted foot is healing....

Roll on the weekend :laughing:

21-06-2012, 05:10 PM
maybe its the weather - horrendous here this week. Torrential downpour just in time for the school run today. Because I had one off I only had the one who was under the rain cover and it was just me and my 2 that got soaked!
Good luck with your son Kimmi - maybe it was a one off? My son did it last week when the Ofsted inspector was here!
Good luck with your x-ray eddie - what is your hubby doing for Olympics - and does he get to come back for a break at all??!!