View Full Version : Has anyone ever sold their car through the forum?

20-06-2012, 11:02 AM
Have committed to buying a brand new Zafira and have waited ages for it to arrive and low and behold the person who was desperate to buy our 2005 Zafira has informed us they have bought elsewhere as couldn't wait!!!
So has anyone ever sold theirs here as am in a quandry of what to do now??

20-06-2012, 11:11 AM
I nearly bought through this site if that's any help - great car but timing was wrong as I had just given up my job and couldn't quite afford it but I would definitely buy from another childminder if they could give me a reason why they were selling it.
If there was someone so desperate to buy there may be someone else - just advertise as many places as you can think and see how you go. I see a lot advertised on the free local pages on facebook so don't know how they get on there but might be worth a try.
The fact that you love your zafira so much you are buying another one just a new one will be a strong selling point and 2005 is not too old either!
Did the garage give you a tradein price? It will be a lot less than what you can get for a private sale but a trade in price may be better than no sale at all!
In the end the job I gave up was in a Ford garage but they had a zafira trade- in come in that they wouldn't resale so I had it at the trade in price - lucky me.