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18-06-2012, 01:00 PM
I asked this last year but am having the same problem again.

There is a lovely park just metres from my house. It's a big sand pit with a couple of bouncy things and a house. Mindees love taking buckets and spades to dig, make castles, moats etc.
Problem is the cat poo as its in a residential area. It is fenced off from dogs and foxes but not from cats. I have two cats myself so I'm unsure if it's my cats also contributing to the disgusting mess :blush: but I'm unable to think of how to keep them out of there without following them round all day and night. I'm embarrassed but what can I do??
Half term I took six mindees out to the park and cleaned up 7 lots of poo. Today I took 1 mindee out and it was so bad we didn't stop. I counted 9 poops :mad:
I rang the council last year and they said they can't do anything about it. I've rang them again because as well as being gross it's not good to be building sandcastles full of cat poo.
I'm not taking my mindees again which is a real shame as its so close to home.:(
Would you keep pestering the council? It's a real health hazard

The Juggler
18-06-2012, 01:11 PM
i would keep pestering them hon. we have a lovely big sandpit in a nearby park but the cats keep away.

I don't know what they would do though hon, apart from cover it each night :panic:

18-06-2012, 01:42 PM
It is a health hazard surely? I would be on to them again and again and if you do not get a proper response I would be contacting my local MP.

It's the council's responsibility to sort this out, so a few emails/letters are in order I think. There is a lot more than just Toxoplasmosis that children can catch and you don't know if any of these cats are strays or if they have FIV or anything....not to mention there may be fox poo in there too.

If the council refuse to do anything, and you don't hear from your MP there is always the local press....has done wonders for me in the past :blush: