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17-06-2012, 11:38 AM
I am getting to grips with all the planning, observations, documenting side of things. Originally what I had planned was to do what we have to do for under 5's (if I'm understanding it right!) but for under 8's too. My thinking behind this was that if anything further backs up my inclusion policy and wanted to treat them all the same.

However, I've only been planning for a short time and I'm starting to realise that I am creating myself work haha!

So, does this sound ok to you? Under 5's long/med term planning supported by weekly plans (give to parents?) obs, eval, doc, plan etc building a book of magic moments or whatever.

Then for my under 8's, give a weekly plan to parent (so not doing the whole long/med planning thing) obs, eval, doc, plan etc as above to build learning journey. I don't think I have to do this but I still kind of want to. So basically, a diluted version of what I'll do for under 5's.

Not sure I'm talking sense now. Feel kind of lost. Possibly anxiety of first client :blush:

17-06-2012, 12:22 PM
Once children are in full time school (from Sept) / out of EYFS (now) you no longer have to show that you are observing, assessing and planning for them.

However, you do have to speak to parents about how you are going to meet their needs and join up with other provisions to make sure you are complementing their experiences from elsewhere.

My planning is individual for under 3s... individual and some group for older children... school children love to join in and write most of their planning themselves a week or so before it happens so I have time to buy stuff and make preparations if needed :D

17-06-2012, 01:00 PM
Thanks Sarah