View Full Version : mum on maternity/contract

14-06-2012, 07:11 AM
i currently have an after schoolie who's mum is off for a yr from sep (she is at uni so has to take a yr off) for maternity. She has said she will def need me the year after and has asked if she needs to officially give notice or if i can just put a note on the contract. i.e contract suspended until 2013.

i dont want to ask for a retainer as i am not 100% my son will attend the school i would need to pick up from so i have said yes i will do it providing ds gets in to the school. Obviously i would tell her as soon as i know he has a place/doesnt.

what would you do, end contract or just put the note and review it come sep 2013?

14-06-2012, 07:51 AM
I would end the contract and then, if your son gets into the school, ask for a month's deposit so she can secure the place. Alternatively, take the deposit now and return it to her if your son doesn't get into the school.

Either way, with the deposit, you can then both be assured that you are committed to a new contract starting. You can use the deposit against the first month's payment or the last month's payment. If she is a good payer and you've had no problems with her I would be tempted to use it against the first month as she's not working. That's just me!