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09-06-2012, 08:54 AM
Hi Guys,

I need a few ideas on what to do with a 9 year old boys (with ADHD) for just one. His regular childminder is unable to work and the school have inset on Monday so I have been asked to look after him for 1 day. This will be the first time I have looked after him. I also have a 3 year old and I'm 8 months pregnant so can't do anything too energetic.

Also ideas and help appriciated.



09-06-2012, 11:26 AM
Hi :),
I would as a first step ask parents what he likes doing, ask usual childminder (with parents' permission) what he likes to do when with her and also maybe suggest he brings something of his own from home which usually keeps him occupied/calm to play with. I always give an 'all about me' form out for older children to fill in their likes dislikes favourite things to do inside/outside, to eat, places to go etc. Bit different with a single day though...
Regarding the ADHD children are so different from each other its hard to say what he will or wont enjoy. I'd ask carers and the child what his loves or hates are.

I have 2 schoolies monday and tuesday for inset days so we're going to look at the weather forecast and go to soft play on the least outdoorsy day and go for an outdoor adventure on the other day. Which is really just a lovely long walk outdoors in appropriate clothing and footwear, with binoculars ( I have real ones but find home made from toilet roll middles are just as if not more useful :D) pretending there are magical creatures, dinosaurs or wild animals in the trees/bushes, spotting things (nature detectives do good spotter sheets for different seasons, themes etc) and we all enjoy finding a good strong stick on our travels to wrap with tape and decorate with ribbons after we get home so children have asked me if we can do that again. If its nice enough we'll have a picnic lunch outside, if not: inside. If its going to be very windy we'll make paper kites and fly those.

I hope it goes well :thumbsup:

best wishes,
Wendy :)

09-06-2012, 06:46 PM
Thanks Wendy.
The weather forcast isn't good for us on Monday, but I have remembered a park that is under cover in the designer outlet by us.
If all else fails I have the Wii as a back up.