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06-06-2012, 05:50 PM
Dear Donnkey

Just to say I am very concerned about the issue you raise about government plans to deregulate childminders and downgrade their role. I am taking the issue up within the council and will get back to you about this in more detail as soon as I can


Dear Donkey

The council are now just checking if there are any current proposals coming out of government that we need to oppose. However, just to let you know that the MP (for your stable) told me this evening that she doesn't think that deregulation is a government proposal at the moment but it certainly is on the agenda of at least one prominent Tory MP.

For me, this indicates what the Tories would really like to do and therefore we need to make sure that we support all childminders and their current important regulated role.

I will get back to you when I get any further information about this Donkey


Dear Donkey

You and your colleagues have my full support.

All the best


(the above came from my newly elected labour councillor)

Thank you for contacting me and sorry for the delay in responding I Having some IT problems.

Clearly this is a sensitive issue and it's not surprising these proposals have caused some controversy with childminders.

The important thing to stress is that these are not government proposals. These proposals came from an independent report by a back bench Conservative MP. They do not therefore reflect the view of the government but instead that of one individual MP.

So far the report has. Been met with some resistance by experts in this field and as of yet the government have made no indication of supporting this plan.

I am responding on behalf of my (local stable) colleagues and I hope it addresses your concerns


(another councillor from the ward next door, I emailed back re-iterating my concerns and that we need to be fighting this all the way.)

I have also had a phone call from my MP's office and they are coming to visit in the summer

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Yay Donkey! :clapping:

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great work!

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Great work Donkey

I assume the noise you are making is Hee Haw very loudly :laughing:

Penny :)

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Great work donkey !:clapping: