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24-05-2012, 08:24 PM
hiya everyone,
I am going to write an email ad letter to the woman (cant say her name cos i have a dirty nappy with her name on it!) and david cameron - is there anyone else I should copy do u think? I wanted to ask if anyone has a problem with me using some of the quotes that you have put on here? I dont post very often but i am passionate about my job ( its not my job its my life, which i love) and want to put my point across. I will be writing on behalf of 50 + minders in and around my area and dont want to upset any one by using points of view raised on here

Thanks in advance



24-05-2012, 08:46 PM
You can use any thing that I have put (well maybe not the reference to ET of film fame :laughing:)

Good luck with you letter writing - send to your local MPs and the opposition parties, your LA, any cm groups that you know of, local press - in fact anyone you can think of

Penny :)