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22-05-2012, 07:04 PM

Was just wondering what everyone's normal weekly routine is? How many planned activities do you normally do and how many outings do you go on? I feel as though I'm not doing enough, at the moment I dont do any group planning just individual planning as I only have really LO's.

My other question is how much planning do you do before a new mindee starts? Do you do any or just wait to get to know the LO first?


Kirsty xx

22-05-2012, 07:45 PM

i don't really do any planning before a LO starts, apart from i will have got parents to fill out an 'all about me' form, so i will try and have out a few toys/have planned activities that they say the child likes. i then usually just have all the 'normal' bits out and watch and observe and go from there.

i don't really have a 'normal' weekly routine!

i have 7 EY children through the week, and they all come and mix up together!

i try to go to the toddler group at the childrens centre once every 2/3 weeks, and then the local toddlers every 2/3 weeks. (they are on different days ) usually i have different children to take, but one LO now comes both those days, and both days have a child who only attends that day! so if i always do toddlers, i can't do anything else!
i try and make sure that each child has had a day 'at home' just playing every 2/3 weeks, and alot of the rest of the time we are out and about exploring - wether its a quick walk to the woods/park/post office/greengrocer/coffee shop or out to feed the ducks/local woods/castles/farms etc.
usually home for lunch, and most sleep or have a quiet time in the afternoon before school runs, then home to play before tea.
goodness, it sounds like i am always out, we're not, we do lots of stuff at home, as well as going out and about!
when we are at home, i try to provide paint or crayons or playdough or ??? every day and also messy play/outdoor play, a story & song time, plus all the 'normal' free play toys that are out.
i generally have 2 or 3 activities set up for the week for all the children to explore. this week i have mini beasts in soil ( ongoing from last 2 weeks ), box of fabric and a tray with glass pebbles and glass jars/glasses to put them in. depending upon how interested the children are with these, i will leave them out/add other bits, or put them away and get out something else.

sorry, that sounds very waffly! it all makes perfect sense to me!

jumping j
23-05-2012, 07:15 PM
I have a playgroup/toddlers/soft play group every morning that I can attend but if I don't want to go or the lo's are happy playing at home then I don't go.
I choose a singing or story time to attend again if I want to
I always have a messy play activity out along with some of the favourite toys, an easel and playdough.
I do an adult led craft activity maybe twice a week.
I have 1 lo full time and 7 part time so some of the craft activties get repeated
If the weather's nice I go to the park during the week.

Other than that I follow the children's lead, they can access all the toys so get out what they want to play with on the day, I just make a note of what they've chosen to play with on my planning.

We spent one day last week with a room full of different sized and shaped boxes, the lo's came up with all sorts of games and didn't even miss the plastic toys :laughing:

I don't do any planning before a new lo starts, I follow their lead, see what they choose and then plan from there

23-05-2012, 07:23 PM
My weekly routine is much like Jax and Loocyloo - out to a few groups or just a visit to the park/shops or other cm's.

I choose and set up activities based around what the children have been interested in as well as things that are happening that month like the Jubilee

I don't do any planning for Los before they start, although I will have some idea of what they like throu the settling in sessions, talking to parents etc.

Miffy xx

23-05-2012, 08:20 PM
Most of my planning for the older children is based on continuous provision - we pick a theme and activities link to it.

For the little ones I plan inside and outside every day, again through continuous provision so that in and out complement each other.

A big part of planning for little ones is following their routines and letting them lead the play... so planning is written after the event.

I wait at least a couple of weeks to get to know children before planning for them... planning must follow on from observations :D

23-05-2012, 08:29 PM
I just work, Tues, Weds and Thurs.

Tuesday morning we either stay at home and play or go to a childrens centre or soft play, really depends on what the LOs are interested in.

Weds am we have a half hour music session followed by a play in the toy library there.

Thurs am we either go to the park or another CM's house or stay at home or country park. Quite flexible really.

I get each new parent to complete and all about me form so I know which things a child is interested in and then I plan in my diary from thenon. My mindees are 1 or 2 so quite small, so my planning is very much based on what resources I put out depending on who is in and what their current interests are. They have free access to the garden, mark, making, construction, books, small world etc.