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20-05-2012, 05:30 PM
Just woundering how everyone does this

I have 3 eyfs children

i take 4 year old to school 3 mornings a week (he comes before school only)

I take 3 year old to school 2 days a week (she comes 2 full days i take her to school at 12.30 and collect again at 3.30)

the other 4 year old i only have an a when and if basis ( i take him to school at 9 and collect again at 12)

I have made a document for parents and teachers to sign - parents sign to give consent that its okay for me and the teachers to share info about their child - the child's teacher signs to confirm they are happy to work in partnership) - all parents and teachers have signed this

I try and take each childs development file into the teacher once every 8 weeks so they can see what development they have made - i was thinking of making a document for teachers to sign and put a comment when they have seen the development files (what do you think)

Other than this we just make small talk when i collect (how mindee has been, any messages or paperwork to pass on to parent) is this enough or should I be doing more

20-05-2012, 07:52 PM

My inspector picked up on this on my inspection on friday. I got outstanding for working partnership with parents but for working partnership with other settings she said I needed to develop.
I pick a 5 year old up from school about twice a month and I have a 4 year old 1 day a week who I take to nursery & pick up. I have written a letter to both and teachers have signed it. Apart from that it's just verbal.
Mrs O said I should know what the nursery/school have for each childs next steps etc, which I don't.
I find this unfair as both settings aren't really interested in me as they only see me 1 day a week or maybe twice a month.