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04-06-2008, 08:20 AM
For anyone interested, here is my OFSTED report

The childminder was registered in 2007. She lives with her husband and their four children aged 13, 10, seven and one year in Lower Earley, Berkshire. The whole of the ground floor of the childminder's house is used for childminding and there is a fully enclosed garden for outside play.

The childminder's registration is to care for a maximum of four children at any one time and she is currently minding nine children all of whom attend on a part-time basis. The childminder walks to the local schools to take and collect children. She attends the local toddler group and takes children to the local library and park. The childminder is a member of the National Childminding Association. The family have six cats, one rabbit and some tropical fish.

Helping children to be healthy
The provision is good. Children enjoy a clean and well-maintained home. Young children are beginning to become independent in their personal hygiene, for example, washing their hands before snack time with little assistance from the childminder. The childminder holds all of the required documentation to accurately record all accidents and administration of medication. She has a valid first aid certificate in place to ensure she can deal with minor accidents effectively. This promotes children’s well-being at all times.

Children’s dietary needs are met because the childminder works closely with parents. The childminder records and discusses the parent’s preferences regarding food and individual children’s needs. This ensures she meets the needs of the children in her care. Children have the opportunity to access a drink at anytime as the childminder ensures their beakers are within easy reach. The childminder implements safe storage of the food and milk feeds which parents provide for their children. These are stored in the refrigerator to prevent the food perishing and to ensure food safety guidelines are met. The childminder ensures that feeding and nappy changing take place in accordance with the child’s individual needs.

Children have access to a broad, interesting and challenging variety of activities, which they enjoy and promote their good health. The childminder considers the individual routines of the children when planning activities and children are able to rest and sleep according to their needs. Children enjoy regular physical activities both indoors and out, contributing to their physical development and encouraging them to be physically active. For example, the childminder takes the children swimming and encourages them to use the outdoor equipment in the garden and when visiting local parks.

Protecting children from harm or neglect and helping them stay safe
The provision is good. Children are cared for in a safe and secure environment, where the childminder minimises risks well to protect the children in her care. Appropriate safety equipment is used according to the age and needs of the children and this means they are able to safely explore the environment, whilst being well supervised by the childminder. The childminder has an excellent system in place to ensure the fire evacuation procedure is as realistic as possible, as her husband sends her a text from his workplace saying ‘fire’ and she immediately has to implement her fire evacuation procedures with the children. The childminder never knows when she is going to receive the message and she records the evacuation times, date and any issues. All fire detection equipment is in place.

The childminder completes a daily safety check each day of all areas the children use. Good procedures are in place when the childminder takes the children on outings and daily walks, for example, she takes an emergency bag with her which contains the children’s details and contact numbers. Older children are aware to hold onto the buggy and the childminder talks to them about road safety.

Children benefit from having a dedicated playroom where their art and craftwork is attractively displayed, providing a warm and inviting environment, promoting children’s self esteem. They have independent access to a range of equipment and resources. The childminder monitors and supervises children’s choices of toys to make sure they are safe and appropriate for their age and stage of development. The childminder has a good understanding of her responsibility to protect children in her care and has local contact numbers and procedures in place. This means that she can act appropriately should she have any concerns about the children in her care.

Helping children achieve well and enjoy what they do
The provision is outstanding. Children clearly enjoy their time at the childminder's home and are very happy, enthusiastic and extremely eager to participate in a range of activities and experiences. Children have access to a playroom where they select the toys and resources they wish to use and use their imagination as they hoover the floor and assemble a railway track. The childminder is very aware of how young children develop and learn through play and she sits with the children encouraging them to develop their early language skills for instance, while they were making a pretend cup of tea the childminder talks to them about what they were doing. The older children each have a pen pal who is also another child looked after by a childminder in a different part of the country and they send each other photo’s and newsletters informing each other of how they spend their time with their childminder. This further promotes children’s sense of belonging and confidence. Younger children attend toddler groups and a local childminder drop in centre; this gives children the opportunity to socialise with others.

Children’s care, learning and play is enhanced through the childminder’s very clear understanding of child development. She has monthly plans in place, which include the shape, number and letter of the month. She plans activities and experiences around these for example, the colour is green so children use green colouring paper, the letter is ‘f’ so children have made flowers, and the number is two so children are encouraged to draw two dots on the butterfly they had painted. The children thoroughly enjoy participating in these activities and examples of their work can be seen in their books and some are displayed around the playroom. The childminder records the observations she makes of the children in her care to help inform the parents of their child’s progress and to further ensure the activities and experiences she provides encourage the children to progress and develop in her care.

Helping children make a positive contribution
The provision is good. Children are welcomed into the family orientated home, which ensures they settle well and leave their parent/carer with ease. The childminder shows a good understanding of equal opportunities and knows the children well. She provides a meaningful range of activities and resources to promote a positive view of the wider world and other occasion’s for example, children celebrate a range of festivals from across the world and national pig day where the children made pigs and as a treat had pink pig sweets. Children develop a sense of place and learn about where they live through regular outings in the local community, for example, to the local toddler groups, schools and parks.

The children’s behaviour is good because the childminder has a positive approach to behaviour and has effective strategies in place to manage children and their behaviour, such as distraction and explanation. She also has the behaviour rules displayed in the playroom for the children to see in pictures so even the younger children are aware of the rules in place.

The childminder's own young child has a good relationship with the minded children for instance, they say goodnight and kiss each other before they go for their mid-morning sleep.

There are currently no children with learning difficulties/ disabilities attending. However, the childminder has experience and a good understanding of caring for children with specific learning needs and she understands the importance of close liaison with parents and outside agencies to meet those needs.

The childminder has a good excellent relationship with the parents. She uses a daily diary to record the children’s day and the activities they have taken part in. Parents comment in the letters they have written how happy they are with the care and how dependable, reliable, caring and helpful the childminder is. The childminder regularly updates the parents on their child’s progress and parents can also access the observations she has made on their child.

The organisation is good. Children benefit from the well thought out and planned environment. Indoor space is used well, allowing children room to play comfortably and freely. Children are offered a wide range of stimulating activities, both inside and outside the home. The childminder has good procedures in place to ensure children are not left with persons who are not vetted. For example, she records all visitors to her home in the visitor’s book.

The childminder has clear written policies and procedures, which promote the welfare and development of the children in her care. All documentation which is legally required, is in place however, not all parental consents are in place. The childminder understands the importance of maintaining documentation and confidentiality at all times and she ensures all children’s details are stored securely in a locked file when not required. The childminder meets the needs of the range of children for whom she provides.

Improvements since the last inspection
Not applicable.

Complaints since the last inspection
Since registration there have been no complaints made to Ofsted that required the provider or Ofsted to take any action in order to meet the National Standards. The provider is required to keep a record of complaints made by parents, which they can see on request. The complaints record may contain complaints other than those made to Ofsted.

On the basis of the evidence collected on this inspection:

The quality and standards of the care are good. The registered person meets the National Standards for under 8s day care and childminding.

The quality and standards of the care
To improve the quality and standards of care further the registered person should take account of the following recommendation(s):

obtain written permission from parents to take children swimming
ensure written parental consent is in place for children to have access to pets kept on the premises
Any complaints about the inspection or the report should be made following the procedures set out in the leaflet Complaints about Ofsted Early Years:

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That is a lovely report well done Debbie

Angel xx

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well done you
thats a really nice report:clapping:

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Thats a really good report Debbie, thanks for showing us it :clapping:

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Thank you!

I must just thank Lorri for the pen pal idea and thank our pen pals too!

I was a bit miffed about the not all documentation is in place bit when it was only one permission form. The swimming one was never mentioned at the inspection!

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Congratulations! That is a lovely report...

I can understand why you are cross - but don't let that detract from the great stuff she's put about you! :D

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Congratulations...that's a great report!:clapping:

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Congratulations that is a brilliant report you should be really proud. :clapping:

Lorraine xx

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Great job! Glad inspector was impressed with fire drill as that is what I do now, too!

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Great report. Well done. :clapping: :clapping:

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Well done - your report is great :thumbsup:

You must be very proud!

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wow long report and good one too

well done hun x

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fantastic report well done.:clapping: :clapping:

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Well done thats a great report :clapping: I like the idea of dh making a random phone call once in a while so you can put your fire procedure into action. Minght have to steal that idea for the future if you dont mind ;)

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Well done thats a great report, thanks for sharing it with us


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:clapping: Congratulations thats a great report:clapping:

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Wel done on a great report :clapping: :clapping:

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great report Debbie, well done xxx

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That's a brilliant report Debbie, I really enjoyed reading it.

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Well done Debbie - fab report :clapping:

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well done lovely report :clapping: :laughing: :clapping:

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Great report:clapping: :clapping: But i'm a bit puzzled about the pets. Does OSTED now need a permission form to pet the cats?