View Full Version : Thank you Bridey!!! Two Pudding idea!

Lady Haha
08-05-2012, 08:06 PM
:laughing: I posted a couple of weeks ago about the schoolies not eating their meals and I was at the end of my tether (thread link below)


Well, I decided that good old fashioned bribery was the way to go on this one and did it for the first time today. Worked wonders!!!! I had six empty plates! All because of a plate full of penguin bars waiting for them after their yoghurt! Even the girl who NEVER finishes her meal managed to eat it all today :rolleyes:

Will mix it up with other 'treat' type things so they don't get bored, but I think I've cracked it! And I have called it the 'special pudding' not 'chocolate pudding' so I don't get grief off one mum in particular!

Thank you Bridey!:thumbsup: