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29-04-2012, 07:41 AM
Hi All, i have finally starting minding and was wondering if you wonderful ladies could help me with what exactly goes in the Learning Journerals / EYFS folders, i have a daily diary set up all ready and now next step is to get this up and running as im am also expecting my first inspection in May and its been a year now since my training so its like put a blur in to action and trying to remember it all.

would be greatfull and sorry for sounding dumb and stupid i am a good minder honestly :-(

thanks all

blue bear
29-04-2012, 07:55 AM
Have a look at the top of the forum, eyfs section , lots of posts about this there.
We all do it differently and it's about finding a method tht works for you.

I use a scrap book, in the back is an introduction about the eyfs and a colour guide to each area.

In the front is an all about me sheet with photo of the child, it details the child's likes and dislikes, normal routines etc.

In the first couple of weeks I take lots of photos and make mini one line observations of the things the child can do/likes. I include pieces of the childs work or photographs of it if child wants to take it home.

Each photo, observation or piece of work is linked to the eyfs (coloured smiley face) with next steps, the next steps is then my planning for next week for this individual child.

I keep writing to a minimum as parents told me it spoils the lovely photos which is what thy are really interested in!
Twice a year I write a summative assessment one copy to parents and one in the scrap book.