View Full Version : Hauck citi jogger or kiddicare twin in a zafira?

28-04-2012, 08:30 PM
Just a really quick one - does anyone know if the hauck citi jogger fits into a zafira - sounds from the dimensions like the length would be ok. Hard to tell. Need to get my measuring tape out I think but if anyone has experience of this it would be great!

and also for doubles does a Kiddicare twin fit it?

There is no way my double will fit in and its really heavy for lifting in and out so would be good to have a small one to go in and also yesterday my puchchair broke. Well the adjustable leg rest thing - poor sleeping child his feet were touching the floor so I had to lift pushchairs front wheels of ground to push him to school so his feet didn't drag on ground! It doesn't go in my car - too long so if I get another it would be nice if it fits.

For singles I'm looking at the Quicksmart easy fold, the hauck citi jogger or the really cheap one but probably not very durable the hauck sport lightweight buggy.

For doubles I'm not really sure! I haven't got a lot of money at the moment so it may have to wait!

29-04-2012, 12:54 PM

I have a zaf and because i have one child arrive before school run and one after. I use 2 mothercare jives and connect them together when i need both. They easily fit in back of zaf and use buggy connectors to join them up as and when. Usually there are offers on jives I think the last one that I bought was on offer at £34.99 with canopy and raincover and 2 year guarentee and can be used from 6 months.

Just checked the buggy is £34.99 the accessory pack is £19.99 but if bought together at £15 discount is applied