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Lady Haha
24-04-2012, 04:16 PM
After five years of providing cooked meals after school, I have finally decided that I can't be bothered with all the groans and fussy eaters a moment longer! Its impossible to please everyone when you have six or seven schoolies here (unless we have chicken nuggats and fish fingers every single day).

So, I was wondering if doing snacks might be a better idea? But I don't want to be in the same situation again, with everyone moaning they don't like what I've made! I also don't want to be spending more time preparing this than I do at the moment cooking!

Any ideas for quick easy snacks that 99% of 5-11 year olds will eat?

thanks in advance

24-04-2012, 04:20 PM
Perhaps tell parents to provide this?

When you say snack, what kind of snack? As in a little sandwhich or some fruit?

I make great big fruit salads which normally last about 2-3 days this provides me with an afternoon snack for all the kids (and me) I don't have to prepare it everyday, granted it takes a bit of time, but it is usually only twice a week.

I sometimes pour youghurt on as well.... ummm yummy... May go get some now actually lol

Lady Haha
24-04-2012, 04:27 PM
Thanks for the quick reply! I cant really ask parents to provide food now as I've always included a cooked meal in my after school session fee. I don't want to reduce my fee because snacks will probably end up costing more anyway!

I like the idea of having a huge fruit salad going on, but doubt the parents would be happy with that be filling enough...:(

I've got myself into a sticky situation there really! The parents are obviously happy that a cooked meal is included and they don't have to cook again after picking up, but I know most of them do!

Maybe I should send out a questionnaire....

Just feeling fed up of constantly trying to please every one. Also, there are two kids that come here that DO eat pretty much everything I cook and I can't see their mums being happy with snacks now!

I give up :(

24-04-2012, 04:38 PM
One thing I do at lunch time (sometimes) is do some quills of butter, get some plastic knives, a plate of bread, ham and cheese and let the kids make their own sandwiches which they love. Oh and also muffin bread pizza.

Get some tomato puree, grated cheese and things like peppers and other pizza toppings and again let them make it, pop it in the oven... This was a massive hit and the kids who used to pick the peppers off actually put them on and ate them lol

24-04-2012, 04:47 PM
I used hate that all of my half a dozen after schoolies would all have different likes and dislikes so gave up on all the cooking! :D

Now it's crumpets, teacakes, scones (fruit or cheese), cheese and crackers, toast, pancakes, yogurt and biscuit, breadsticks and humous - something a bit more filling so that they last until dinner at home :thumbsup:

24-04-2012, 05:25 PM
I feed a number of after schoolies ranging from 4 - 11 years. I cook 'proper' food, rarely fishfingers and never burgers or processed 'kiddy' food.

I never have moans and groans at teatime. I have a two pudding system. They eat their dinner. They have a fruit pudding. Then they have a 'chocolate pudding'.

The 'chocolate pudding' can be a biscuit, cake, chocolate mousse, today it was ice cream. This pudding is earned by good eating and good behaviour. The children know this and they have all seen me say to a child "that's up to you but if you want your chocolate pudding then you need to eat what I have given you. Its your choice."

I never serve a mindee something they HATE. I never force a full child to eat - but they don't get pudding if they are full obviously. I try and make sure this doesn't happen with careful portion control.

I have found this works really well. If I have a child that is difficult and fussy then I don't say anything - I just quietly put the plate of 'chocolate' pudding in the middle of the table for them to look at. It works like magic for me :thumbsup:

Just an idea to maybe try before you give up completely as, like you said, the parents may be disappointed with your change of policy and to serve a decent snack seems just as much trouble and expense.

24-04-2012, 05:34 PM
I serve a hot lunch... After school the children have a snack bowl of fruit and something a bit "nice" as after - sometimes toast, sometimes crumpets, sometimes a bisuit, sometimes a small piece of cake :)
My parter and I eat at 6.15 so if a child is still here then then they will join us but99.9% they all gone by then :) xx

25-04-2012, 04:46 PM
i do snack after school , bread n veg sticks and dips, teacakes, bagul pizzas ( yes i know i cant spell it ) scones normally ones we have baked , make your own sandwich, huge fruit salad. yogucts, cheese board and crackers. salad bowl.. staffordshire oakcakes with cheese, mini sausages, flan, cooked meats.

25-04-2012, 04:54 PM
I dont do meals,,
mine get fruit sometimes a couple of peices then later on if they are still hungry they can have a biscuit,, I dont go for lots of differnt things, if they are hungry they will eat the fruit provided

Lady Haha
28-04-2012, 05:13 PM
Thanks for all your replies and fantastic snack ideas! I forgot I had started this thread!:blush:

Was having a really big off day when I posted! I had made cauliflower cheese and four of the five kids here ended up having toast instead cos they didn't like it. I was so fed up! Needless to say, the other days that week when we had chicken dippers, sausages, pizza and burgers, I had no problem at all getting it eaten.

I like the 'two pudding' idea! Thats defo the sort of thing that would work here! I would have to rename the second one 'special pudding' though as I know one parent would have a problem with 'chocolate pudding' even though it's not actually chocolate!

Thats the way to go! I'll give that go first and if that doesn't work, I will start adding crumpets, crackers, scones etc to my shopping list!:laughing::thumbsup: