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24-04-2012, 02:44 PM
Hello all, I am a bit of a serial lurker, have barely asked anything on here, but I cannot make my mind up about something, and I know that I cannot ask anyone to decide for me, but just wondering what you would all do in my situation.

It is a bit long winded so I hope you stick with it and let me know what you think....

I currently have my own DS who is 3.5, and I look after Mindee1 who is 2 and Mindee 2 who is 2.5

Mindee1's mum has just asked me to have new baby at the end of August when she goes back to work (baby will be 4.5 months)

So, I know I can apply for a variation for the new baby, the money will be great and all of the children are LOVELY, parents are LOVELY which is a first for me!

My son has just been given his new dates for pre-school starting sept and will be doing all day Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and I don't work Fridays. (This is negotiable with the pre-school at the moment, but I think the better option rather than a scattering of half days)

Mindee1 and baby will be Monday - Thursday 6:45 - 5:15
Mindee2 will be Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9-5 (He attends a nursery Tuesday and Friday)

Suppose I should get to the point.....

1) As my son is out all day (and lunch club) same as school hours, would he be classed as a rising 5 and therefore not count in my numbers on these days
2) What happens if he has to come home sick, would I then be over my numbers?
3)How much more difficult is the step from looking after 3 under 5's to 4....one being a baby? Manageable? (I know this is subjective)
4)What are the chances of actually being granted a variation in this scenario? and how soon can I apply? I don't want to leave mindee2's mum high and dry at the last minute
5)What would you do? Keep on Mindee2 with a variation? Give notice and hope he gets in full time with the nursery? I am mindful that mindee2 will be turning 3 in September so may get free spaces but mum wants to keep him here and use the free time for the 2 days he already attends nursery.

I am pretty convinced I could do it, I have more than enough space, resources etc, I have already lost my marbles.

Bit of a pointless post really, I am not sure what I want to gain, there is just so much whizzing around in my head, thought it best to mull it over a little before deciding. If you have stuck with me so far, thank you!

24-04-2012, 03:01 PM
Your son will not be classed as a rising 5 untill he starts full time school, so no he wont be a rising 5!

I would apply for a variation, as you say you have enough resources and can manage. It is very likely you would get it! I've applied for at least half a dozen variations for continuity of care & siblings over the last 5yrs & never had one turned down:thumbsup: