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24-04-2012, 11:42 AM
One of my mindees hasn't got in at their first choice school (the one I do pick ups and collections from) and so the parents are wanting to submit an appeal. I would be grateful for any advice any one has with how to support them and what considerations might make their appeal more successful. Mum is adamant she does not want to have to find a new childminder (which is a nice compliment for me as they are a lovely family, but there is no way I could do both school runs as I don't normally use a car, the schools are 2.5 miles apart and they start and finish at the same time)
Admittedly they do not live within the designated catchment area for the school (but they are even further out of the catchment for their allocated school). A child who lives 3 doors from them has been granted a place. I have been providing care for the family for 3 years (+ younger sibling). The school they've been allocated is a mile further away from their home than the school I serve.
If we name the schools School A (allocated school) and School B (wanted school), they have a friend who has the opposite problem with the same schools ie been offered school B but wants A (hope you understand that).
I have said to them that the fact they know someone who would be happy to swap school places it doesn't work like that and the LEA has to give equal consideration to all appeals.

So can anyone offer any advice?

24-04-2012, 12:15 PM
This year my local primary school is so over subscribed it's unreal. I've never known it like this before. Luckily we are in catchment and DD has got in, helps that she has older sibling there too but one of my mindees who also goes to the school pre-school there has not got his space :(. They don't live in catchment and he has no siblings there. I spoke to Foundation Head about it yesterday and although mum can go to appeal I was basically told there is no hope. I know of quite a few from the pre-school who haven't got a place including 1 child who has 2 siblings in the school. Even some children who are in catchment haven't got a space. It's madness.
Sorry I can't advise you except to say that if your mindees school is as oversubscribed as my school then I wouldn't think they stand much chance being out of catchment. My mum is keeping her DS on the waiting list but not going to appeal.


24-04-2012, 12:30 PM
I do know people who have been successful at appeal on the basis that they want the child to stay with the childminder, so it's got to be worth a try.
It doesn't sound hopeful if the school is that over subscribed though :(

24-04-2012, 12:40 PM
As far as the catchment area and siblings etc are concerned then no, my local school was not oversubscribed. However it is the best of the local schools and this means that you get a lot of families from outside the catchment applying. I live on the edge of a town and we have 4 primary schools within 1 mile. (thankfully not been allocated a place in any of the other 3 schools, which are not highly thought of)
The school my mindee has been allocated is in a village 3 miles out of town :rolleyes: Admittedly the allocated school is a nice school with similar results/standards etc to my nearest school but is obviously further away from mindees home and the parents would have to consider alternative childcare arrangements.
Parent is adamant she is going to go through the appeals process, though she said this morning that if it failed then mindee would go to the allocated school and mum would change her working hours so that she could collect him and bring him to me.