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22-04-2012, 10:52 PM
Hi all
This started over the bank holiday, on firday i was supposed to have E at 1 but parent had it down as 12.30 (i checked the message sent and it said 1) then to avoid another mishap i texted her the monday morning to make sure i was having E at the times arranged, she said i wasnt supposed to have her then as her dad was having her, 15 mins later rang me and said would i have her as dad didnt turn up, but would i have her and extra 2 hours, I agreed and told her it would cost for the extra 2 hours, i think i have been very patient, she rang me at 1 on the monday to say she would finish early and could i drop E off at 3 rather than 6, again i agreed and even carried over the hours for her
Then at 10.35 tonight she texted me to say she may need to swap days this week, now i have ofsted coming either monday or tuesday as they were the days i was supposed to have E but she wants to sawp monday for thursday as E's Grandma wants to take her, I havent replied, why should i, i should be in bed asleep but im not sure what to say to this as i like E and dont want to lose her but i cant keep being messed about as it means i cant plan anything
I pick E up so am doing her a favor as i dont charge for that hour (walking as i dont currently have a car) and i have a school child visiting this week who could start as early as next week that would be regular hours
What should i do/say

mrs c
23-04-2012, 04:51 AM
Personally I would be saying no to this. It's one thing being flexible and helpful for parents but its your business and to be having a parent control how you are operating is really a no no. No parent should be texting you at such a late hour. Its just not on. This one sounds as though they are a mega ditherer who will be constantly chopping and changing. You should really get this sorted now before it gets more out of hand otherwise further down the line you will find this parent will be turning up late to drop off and expect not to pay for your time spent waiting around or you could be expecting their child and receive a last minute text to change the days/hours and yet again expect not to pay.
Perhaps they don't know how a childminding business works so you should explain this but I would be replying to this request with a no. Tell her that because its the day you have their child that you have arranged to have Ofsted come and its short notice to cancel.

23-04-2012, 05:00 AM
I think we all live and learn from the families that mess us about!

First, do you take payment in advance? If not, you should. Put the hours/sessions you have agreed to on your invoice so it is there in black and white. Then have a "no swaps" policy. I tell my parents they cannot swap sessions: if they have a session booked they must pay for it, & if they need extra sessions (and I have a place) they can book extra sessions (payable on booking, using a proper form, and non-refundable). I certainly would not accept late night texts as a suitable means of communication - how on earth would they know if or when you have received it?

I would probably use the impending inspection as a pretext to call a contract review and say that you are tightening up your procedures and your paperwork because the current situation is not acceptable and is impacting on your planning which you might be criticised for, so these are your policies/forms regarding extra sessions which you will be applying strictly from now on. If they don't like it, regretfully you will have to let little one go.

Presumably you will have to give notice though, a month probably, so will you still be able to take on your schoolie next week?

Good luck and be strong :)

23-04-2012, 06:22 AM
i think they're using you as a nanny.
maybe you need to have a sit down and explain that although you can CHOSE to be flexible it's not a given that you can just drop everything every times; expplain that after a certain time you would appreciate that she respect you private time, explain about new mindee and what it could change....
explain to her the difference between childminder and nanny!!

good luck but don't ignore it as it's only going to get worse and that's how things turn sour. just do a review of contract.

23-04-2012, 06:22 AM
I totally agree with the above posts. The only thing I have to add is that don't offer to pick up/drop off a chlld at home in future. That can stop you taking on other jobs. What about if a family comes along that wants to drop off/pick up their child while you are out with the other one?

You need to get your professional business head on, this lady is treating you somewhat like a servant :mad:

23-04-2012, 07:08 PM
I totally agree with the other comments especially about collecting and dropping off at home, why can't mom do it. Its not very fair on you or the other little ones to have that both ends of the day. Be strong and tell her you can't do the running around for her.

23-04-2012, 09:31 PM
Thanks for the help everyone
I wrote a letter to her explaining everything including the possible new child and wrote a cancelation policy so now she cant swap days
Still going to pick up and drop off for the time being but it will have to change at some point
Thanks again