View Full Version : Anyone feeling down about no mindees?

19-04-2012, 12:52 PM
Hang on in there :D

In Oct 2010 I had to give notice as the 8m old I had just wouldnt settle. I also said goodbye to 2 mindees in Sept because they started school. :(
So I had a 2yr old 4 days a week and after advertising like mad I was starting to feel a bit low after about 6m with no enquiries. :(

Fast forward 11 months to Sept 2011 and I have taken on:
A 2yr old on Mon/Tues who has just started weds too.
Her sibling who is 5yrs in school hols only.
I had my screamer back who is now 2yrs old thurs/Fri
A 3yr old who attends preschool and sibling 14m thurs/fri since Jan12
and had another enquiry recently about a baby mon/tues

So Im happy now with a full house.
So just hang on in there if you are feeling worried about lack of mindees, things really do change so quickly :D

19-04-2012, 02:53 PM
I keep hanging on in there but the phone just doesn't ring! Starting to really wonder if I have done the right thing!:(