View Full Version : Wish me luck ..with new family

15-04-2012, 09:59 AM
This week sees me busier than ever (still not as busy as some of you guys)

Mon - 3 x 5yo + 1x 4yo
Tue - 1 x 5yo + 1x 4yo +1x 3yo
Wed - 1 x 5yo + 2x 4yo + 1x 3yo + 1x 7yo
Thur - 2x 5yo + 1x 9m
Fri - 1x 9m

also have my own 2 kids 14 and 8 :thumbsup:

new family is on the Wednesday 7yo who in my DS class at school so all fine and his wee sister 4yo who is in nursery class with one of my other mindees so again should be ok
I also have my thursday twins coming on a monday now too until the summer
Im just a little nervous as ever with new things starting esp as schools go back tomorrow and ive been off for 2 weeks

O well at least ive worked it out that i still dont finish any later than 5pm:clapping:

So wish me luck guys and hopefully all will go well and quick

15-04-2012, 10:06 AM
Good luck Jill :thumbsup::D
Sounds like you have a ready mage group of friends so they should all play quite nicely together :D

15-04-2012, 10:32 AM
Good luck, I couldn't cope with that many :laughing: I have 1 14m 4 days and a 2.5 yo 2 days a week plus my 2 (4&7) and that's enough for me :)