View Full Version : DD only playing with minddes in school

mr man
13-04-2012, 10:58 AM
my DD 10 seems to be just playing with mindees in school.

I chat to her about school and what she likes, who she plays with and it tends to be always mindees 8 / 8 .
my other mindee is 10 who they get on great, but she not here as much as 8 / 8 ones.

it was dd birthday last week we had a roller party and her school frinds were huddled together having fun and dd seems to be more with our neighbour girl 7 and the 2 minddes 8 / 8 and their ls 4.

dd goes to highschool next septmeber and i have talked to her about it, and that the people you move high school with are in your class now. she got upset and then it cam out that she doesnt hang with them becasue theres girly girly gang chatting about stuff shes not interested in and thent he other gang who just play tig at play time. she is very bright and sits on a table wiht 3 boys and on girl who is a tom boy type girl - i can see where the change is given the table she sits at and that she helps them too with work, thats great that''s her personality.

She used to be in a group if girls im friends with their mums, but since minding i think this has made a divide - dd playing with mindees and also i cant stop and chat like i used to playground.

not sure what to do and how to tackle this , but i think DD has lost confidence maybe from having young children around all the time.

anyone had this?

dd and mindees get on so well their like sisters, i feel awful thinking i need to advise dd to play with others her age too.

13-04-2012, 11:17 AM
My dd was not very confident at primary school and never really had many friends, she went to secondary school and it was a new start and made a whole new group of friends, so I think secondary school might sort out everything with your dd. Its a worry though isn't it, we just want everything to be ok. My youngest dd is more comfortable playing with the lo's as well but she is younger than yours :)

13-04-2012, 01:15 PM
I have 4 grown up dc's and a 3 year old.

I seem to remember (its a while ago) that my grown up children changed their group of friends when they went to secondary school.

I wouldnt worry if your dd seems happy, at 11 some start to go through puberty and their interests change. At least she is confident and chooses who she plays with and is not on the edge of a group of children that have nothing in common with her iykwim.

She will be fine :thumbsup: