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  1. Another article on childminder agencies from Yvette @homechildcare
  2. When will Truss listen?
  3. Gove versus Reality
  4. Protest against Early Years reforms
  5. IPPR childminder survey
  6. Truss confirms govt will push ahead with ratio plans
  7. Did you sign the Forum petition vs ratios changes?
  8. Excellent publicity for our petition vs ratios changes
  9. NCB 'More Great Childcare' survey results
  10. Am I missing something?
  11. Consultation on the Early Years Educator (deadline 22 April)
  12. DFE response - not consulting on agencies?
  13. @scrap247 New campaign against ratios and agencies
  14. Will agencies make childcare cheaper?? First hint at cost of agency fees
  15. Teach First in EY Another expert slams Truss
  16. A straight question to E Truss gets a woolly answer
  17. Govt funds £5m early education study
  18. Consultation on Ofsted new inspection framework (dealine 24 May)
  19. Ofsted warns failing nurseries and cms they may be shut down
  20. Several childcare announcement made today..read on
  21. Shadow minister for children writes in NWorld
  22. It's good to know...
  23. Truss back on the attack: we do not teach enough manners
  24. Calling time on LAs control and their changing roles
  25. Inspection reforms not for childminders
  26. Truss: a third of toddlers can hardly communicate when they get to school
  27. Truss on Newsnight with Paxman (23 April)
  28. The story of Mr McGove and Mrs McTruss
  29. A world without play
  30. Childminder calls on Truss to engage with the sector
  31. More than a couple of blogs..!
  32. New Campaign against 'More Great Childcare'
  33. Visits made by Ms Truss this year to early years providers
  34. Good/Outstanding cms will not need to be in a network to do funding
  35. Latest version of the C&F Bill showing changes made to Schedule 4
  36. netmums...
  37. DfE removes subsidy for enhanced criminal record checks
  38. Mumsnet endorses petition against highr ratios
  39. New childcare start up grants launched today
  40. UKCMA needs cms opinions to inform ministers
  41. Childcare campaigners achieve ratio petition target
  42. More Great Childcare: The NUT responds...a MUST read
  43. We're going on a Gove hunt!!
  44. 1st June day of action: call for the sector's day of action on Truss' reforms
  45. Ofsted Data view
  46. 2 year old places face 55,000 shortage
  47. Wish me luck
  48. Newsnight - Clegg won't sign off inc ratios
  49. Is the ratio argument deaigned to take the focus off agencies?
  50. BBC News Article on Shambolic Childcare Plans - chance to air your views!
  51. I agree with Nick...
  52. Ratios - URGENT Thurs 9.5
  53. Trancript of Parliament debate on ratio 9 May
  54. Newsnight tonight Thursday 9 May
  55. Labour plans to force a vote on ratios in the HoC
  56. Children and Families Bill evidence
  57. Lots and lots of articles today one even supporting Truss
  58. 2 year old funding...why cms need to be heard
  59. Nurseries and cms to come under scrutiny...new reserach
  60. Asquith nurseries launch a pioneering way to observe children
  61. Gove attacks Clegg over his stance on ratio reforms
  62. Grants awarded to pilot childcare hubs
  63. May/June Home childcarer
  64. Letter to LA and Questionaire to Parents abt childcare choose and propsed changes
  65. Funded early education consultation - reform to the role of local authorities in fun
  66. BBC news 17.5 -
  67. Early Day Motion 55 and 165 and petition against deregulation
  68. Pacey withdraws from cms training scheme
  69. Coalition urged to publish findings from the Childcare Commission
  70. Ofsted figures show a drop in cms
  71. The Forum and Facebook
  72. 1 June: Day of action for Reclaim Early Years
  73. RATIOS versus AGENCIES...what worries you most?
  74. Childcare hubs get govt funding
  75. Does France really lead the way?
  76. Nursery complaints about Ofsted inspections on the rise
  77. 2 interesting conferences coming up
  78. NDNA and DfE to trial early years ratios
  79. Reforms to teachers' pay will mean bigger class sizes
  80. Govt e-petition against higher ratios
  81. Letter from Miss Truss
  82. Nursery reforms could cut cost of childcare by 28% according to DfE calculations
  83. NWorld analyses govt claims abut high ratio and reduction in costs
  84. How many EY staff in your LA?
  85. Ofsted possible inspection fee??
  86. PLA wants more details on the Childcare Commission
  87. Childcare class sizes: why the changes won't help
  88. Thousands of childcare places lost...
  89. Truss failed to meet major providers during consultation
  90. Children and Families Bill Report out today
  91. Truss failed to meet major providers during childcare consultation
  92. This statement from Graham Stuart on the dfe fab page :-)
  93. Parents 'surprised and horrified' by ratio proposals
  94. Free childcare offer could force paying parents to give up work
  95. Truss names the Task and Finish group developing agencies
  96. Victory for sector over ratios
  97. More articles on ratio victory
  98. AGENCIES: we must target our fight against them now!
  99. Task and Finish Group for agencies
  100. Ofsted holds seminars for satisfactory/inadeqyate settings..please read
  101. Labour plans to 'revolutionise childcare'
  102. Dear Mr Gove: a letter from Michael Rosen
  103. Children and Families Bill debated tomorrow
  104. Toddlers cry for a month in French nurseries
  105. 60 organizations are interested in setting up agencies...who are they?
  106. Boris Johnson: 118,000 primary school places needed by 2016
  107. Another conference...look at the agenda !
  108. 'Achieving 2 year olds' conference: official feedback
  109. Education Committee Live this morning
  110. The future forEY and child care. Conference feedback
  111. Cms deemed key to 2 year old offer
  112. CYPNow are running a readers poll on Truss
  113. 4Children to develop 'childcare hubs'
  114. PLA conference -transcript of Neil Leitch's speech
  115. Truss wants schools open all day to solve childcare crisis
  116. Truss confirms she wants schools open all day
  117. about agencies
  118. How much does it cost to set up a cminding or nursery business?
  119. Wilshaw may quit because of criticism...!
  120. Netmums respond to Truss' idea of mums running afetr school care
  121. latest agency recruitment email from @homechildcare
  122. Homechildcare dispelling the myths about agencies
  123. Trialling agencies
  124. Message for Government - childminder agencies
  125. Childcare budgets could be cut under spending review
  126. MP calls for later school start for summer born
  127. Ms Truss & the NDNA
  128. Gove v Clegg..battle over nursery education
  129. 'Childminders overwhelmingly against agencies' - Nursery World
  130. Stand with Malala for 'A world at school'
  131. The government publishes its plan for improving the supply of affordable childcare
  132. Freedom of information response over agencies
  133. Union Voice responds to 'more affordable childcare'
  134. Should 5 year olds be tested?
  135. Make your concerns known!
  136. EY experts cast doubts on childcare affordability claims
  137. Make your concerns about the Govt's plans known!
  138. consultation on childcare regulations
  139. Consultation on tax free childcare coming soon
  140. Tax free childcare consultation now open
  141. Write to Ofsted about agencies!
  142. #OfstedBigConvesation: nurseries unite ...as do cms!
  143. attending a meeting " big ofsted conversation"
  144. Ofsted Big Conversation Leeds feedback
  145. OfSTED Big Conversation feedback from Worcester
  146. #OfstedBigConversation...June's blog: London meeting feedback
  147. #OBC: do you have a story to share about your Ofsted inspection?
  148. Consultation about after school care - last few weeks!
  149. #OfstedBigConversation...latest
  150. Save Childhood Movement: important campaign..latest
  151. Labour to guarantee care for primary school children 8-6pm
  152. 25 hrs of free childcare...but will it be free?
  153. Why young children are too young to fail
  154. Article about agencies - Nursery World mag
  155. Nursery world article - agencies
  156. DfE agency thread on FB
  157. gove on this morning
  158. DfE plans to change regulation
  159. Ofsted Big Conversation mtg 7.3.2014 - feedback
  160. Ofsted Big Converstaion...London 11 April 2014 (Feedback)
  161. Official minutes from the London OBC 11 April
  162. Upstart! Raising the school starting age
  163. Radio 4 Woman's Hour